OEM CNC Copper Shaft Made in Xiamen Fujian China

OEM CNC Copper Shaft Made in Xiamen Fujian China
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Copper material is more suitable for processing than stainless steel. It not only can produce simple copper shaft products, but also can change other more complicated parts, such as twill knurling, half knurling, etc., which are very convenient to process. 

The copper shaft processing equipment is also diversified. According to the difficulty level of the copper shaft drawing, the equipment production is matched, and the production is completed as much as possible, reducing the number of secondary processing, which not only saves time and increases the shipment volume. It can ensure the stability of product quality.


Product Name: OEM CNC copper shaft 

Product Link: CNC copper shaft

1. Standard: DIN, IFI, JIS and ISO standard or non-standard per drawing & sample

2. Material: Steel - 4.6/8.8/10.9/12.9, Stainless Steel- A2/A4,304,316,409,410,439 Brass, Aluminum..

3. Dimension: copper shaft  custom base on 2D,3D drawing(CAD,Solidworks....)

4. Finish: Zinc White, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide, Nickel Plated, Dacromat.

5. Packing: Poly Bag, Small Box, 1/4 Cartons + EURO/CEP Pallet

6. Delivery: 25/75 days in general, depends on quantity requirement

Heat treatment of copper shaft

1) Forging blanks must be arranged for normalizing or annealing before processing to refine the grain inside the material, eliminate forging stress, reduce material hardness and improve cutting performance.

2) The quenching and tempering is generally arranged after the roughing and before the semi-finishing to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties.

3) Surface quenching is generally arranged before finishing, which corrects local deformation caused by quenching.

4) For shafts with high precision requirements, after local quenching or rough grinding, low temperature aging treatment is also required.