Precision Custom Injector Sleeves Made in Xiamen Fujian China

Precision Custom Injector Sleeves Made in Xiamen Fujian China
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When the anti-reduction design of the precision sleeves, the friction pin type of the pin bolt is the limit state that the external shear force reaches the maximum frictional force provided by the bolt tightening force between the contact faces of the plate as the limit state, that is, the inner and outer shears are ensured during the whole use period. The force does not exceed the maximum friction.

In the shear design, the high-strength precision sleeves allow the external shear force to exceed the maximum friction force. At this time, the relative sliding deformation between the connected plates occurs until the bolt rod contacts the hole wall. The shearing of the shaft and the pressure of the wall of the hole and the friction between the contact surfaces of the plates jointly transmit forces, and finally the shearing of the shaft or the pressure of the wall is used as the limit state of the connection shearing.


Product Name: Precision custom injector sleeves

Product Link: sleeves

1. Standard: DIN, IFI, JIS and ISO standard or non-standard per drawing & sample

2. Material: Steel - 4.6/8.8/10.9/12.9, Stainless Steel- A2/A4,304,316, Brass, Aluminum...

3. Dimension: sleeves custom base on 2D,3D drawing(CAD,Solidworks....)

4. Finish: Zinc White, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide, Nickel Plated, Dacromat.

5. Packing: Poly Bag, Small Box, 1/4 Cartons + EURO/CEP Pallet


Machining:CNC milling, CNC turning,grinding,wire cutting,pressing, deburring,precision CNC machining,according to customers' drawings or samples.

Finish:Anodizing,plating,electro-polishing,powder coating and painting according to customer's requirements.