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Causes of vertical CNC lathe temperature too high

Mar 04, 2017

On one hand, mechanical part vision of Chang Fang-loss and congestion of the common faults of the pipeline will cause the temperature of the corresponding region. Therefore, the characterization of spills is a characteristic parameter of the mechanical failure, on the performance of mechanical components and has a close relationship with temperature, temperature is too high, will cause performance degradation and even caused parts of the burn, so temperatures trigger vertical CNC lathe machinery equipment failure is an important factor.

So, the temperature monitoring plays an important role in fault diagnosis of mechanical equipment. Called temperature monitor is using a variety of measurement instruments, mechanical unit for measuring temperature rise, and compared with the mechanical device during normal operation the temperature, to diagnose the failed part and the degree of fault. Vertical CNC lathe in mechanical equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring, temperature can be divided into-contact Thermometry and two categories of non-contact temperature measurement. Contact temperature measurement is fast, accurate and convenient features, which are widely used in various industrial fields.

But can not meet the temperature requirements for certain special occasions, such as high-voltage power line contact of temperature monitor, steel blast furnace temperature monitoring. For these occasions, non-contact temperature measurement method must be used. Non-contact temperature measurement has no damage to the temperature field of the object to be measured, and advantage of measuring temperature of moving parts, but it can only measure the surface temperature of the system, and cannot be used to measure the internal temperature.