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Common faults of CNC machine tools and its classification

Mar 04, 2017

CNC machine full or partial loss of the function of provisions known as NC machine tool failure.

NC machine tool failure rate with the passage of time has changed significantly. Due to the typical shape of the failure curve similar to the tub, it is known as the bathtub curve or machine failure rate curves, it is divided into three phases. I run in the early stages, a negative exponential-shaped curves, high failure rate of machine tool: u phase for the useful life of the system, CNC machine tools in the 9-14 months after the operation to enter active life, so general NC machine tool warranty 1 year or so. Enter active life machine tools have a very low failure rate; aging IQ phase for CNC machine tools, system failure rate increases with time in this period has risen dramatically. This helps us understand and analyze the curve of CNC machine tools fault.

CNC machine tool is a product of Mechatronics, advanced technology, parent complex structure. NC machine tool failure are varied, faults are generally more complex, and the failure diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools to bring so many difficulties. In order to facilitate fault analysis and diagnosis of machine tool, this section according to the nature of the fault, fault-cause and site factors of the failure of NC machine tool fault is divided into several categories.