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Common presetting cutter methods of machining center and error prevention measures

Mar 04, 2017

In short, CNC machining centers used to tool main instrument to knives, automatic knives and several trial cuts on a knife. Due to a workpiece complete process may involve several or even dozens of knives, because trial cuts a more primitive, and the knife accuracy is poor, and therefore rarely used. We take a look at the first two typical setting method:
1, automatic knife
Automatic tool is the use of CNC Machining Center tool detection capabilities of the configuration, the device can be accurately measured automatically per each coordinate direction of tool length and automatic correction tool error value, whole detection and correction process can be realized on the basis of normal operation of the machine. Entirely on the setting method of electronic control equipment, excluding human tool-setting error, so the knife is more accurate, tool efficiency is better.
2, tool touch sensor for blade
Tool detection tool, due to the greater economy, is now the main method of CNC Machining Center tool. Tool is divided into internal instrument tool and machine tool apparatus two. Machine tool apparatus needed outside of the machine tool calibration, and knife installed on machine tools can then use; tool touch sensor within the machine tool is a tool mounted directly on the machine to a fixed position on the measure.
Second, tool setting error prevention measures
As a CNC Machining Center tool used by a wide variety of, tool dimensions are not unified, so the knives should be based on the actual processing, select setting method to determine program instructions, enter the tool parameters and tool offset value. Even so, different setting method and some errors may also occur, thus affecting the precision of workpiece machining.
When you use the tool instrument, when the tool mirrors and automatic tool, error is not due to instrument manufacturing, installation and measurement error, using the poor skills of the instrument may cause errors. Therefore, pay attention to the instrument and the measurement accuracy, more important to master the correct way of using instruments, only the proper use and operation, to minimize the error. Meanwhile, tool quality and rigidity and precision of the machine itself is the reason for influence of tool setting error, so choose quality tooling and periodic check of CNC machining center zero point drift is also very important.