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Damaged during the operation of NC machine tool bearings

Mar 04, 2017

In the machine tools industry, is essential for bearing industry an important part, so once he is out of order questions, need serious about positively. Several repair methods are described below:
(1) large plants use a lot of the same types of bearings, their failure was mainly for wear of the moving surface, exhausted or fretting wear, in particular damaged part many cages or move, rings or washers still have fixed values;
(2) some really difficult to buy the assortment, no spare parts and had to repair after the failure, especially the entrance bearing;
(3) large and oversize bearings, near to fail or has failed and parts, there is no significant damage, bearing the necessary ideas to extend its useful life or precious;
(4) bearing a slight injury, as are the stock a little rust, and transportation process of fretting wear and repair such conditions easily and discard it.
Drilling machine for bearing industry's operation is being monitored, planned before the bearing failure to repair it, can have a multiplier effect. Follow the process of Justice, using efficient repair equipment and tools, as well as the professional bearing factory help, help to advance economic benefits.
In addition, radial drilling machine, in addition to industry outside the economy bearing repairs of its technical, this requires repair fully informed of the bearings the corresponding technical requirements, with bearings and parts in the structure, process and material characteristics, otherwise difficult to ensure that the effect of radial drill bearing repairs who can meet the requirements.
In General, the variety of bearings, the large number of single bearing high value, or bearing structure is simple. Large size, relatively lower repair cost, high efficiency.