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Fault diagnosis method for CNC machine tools

Mar 04, 2017

1. Visual inspection method
It was first used by maintenance personnel, namely troubleshooting, Visual check each from the outside in. Special attention to see if circuit board components and circuits has Burns, cracks and other phenomena, short circuit, open circuit on the circuit board, chip bad phenomena, for maintenance of circuit boards, more attention to line and perfect parts, wrong parts, and so on.
2. function test method
Features of NC system for program test method is the g, m, s, t, f, functional programming into a functional test procedures, and stored in the appropriate medium, such as paper tape, and tape. Fault diagnosis by running this program, you can quickly determine possible causes of failure.
Functionality testing is often used in the following situations
1) machine could not determine the programming of waste caused caused by improper operation or the failure of CNC system
2) random failure on the system. Time difference is foreign interference, or system stability
3) idle longer NC machine tool is put into use before or when performing regular maintenance of CNC machine tools
3. test method
Analysis of causes of failed cases, maintenance personnel can use spare printed circuit boards, integrated circuit chips replace questionable parts or components, and narrowed it down to the printed circuit board fault or chip level.
Set by this method should pay attention to spare before plate State State is identical to the original plate, which includes checking the Board select switch set, short rods and position of the potentiometer. More CPU and memory boards generally do not easily, or you may cause loss of procedures and parameters of machine tools, resulting in failure to expand if the EPROM or EPROM chip, please note that the software version label sticker on the memory chip is entirely consistent with the original plate, if it is not consistent, it cannot be replaced.
4. the parameter check method
Fails to make a timely checking system parameters, parameter is generally stored in magnetic bubble memory or stored in CMOS RAM to be maintained by the battery once the low battery or due to outside interference and other factors, allowing individual parameters are missing or changed, confusion, the machine does not work. At this point, you can check, modify parameters, troubleshooting.
5. measuring method
CNC system production plant at the time of designing printed circuit boards, in order to adjust and easy maintenance, on the printed circuit board was designed to test Terminal. Maintenance personnel by detecting the voltage or waveform measurement terminals, check the State of work on the circuit is normal. But before using test terminals for measurements, should be familiar with these terminals and the relevant parts of the circuits or logical relationships.
In addition to the above fault detecting method, you can also check for cold solder joint by the percussion method or poor contact. In short, according to different symptoms, you can use several methods at flexible, comprehensive analysis, can gradually narrow down, faster troubleshooting.