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Improving Machining accuracy of NC lathe

Mar 04, 2017

1. There will be adjustment of machine parts to improve the accuracy of NC lathe machining
First, start with mechanical adjustment to study how to improve the precision of CNC lathe. In terms of machine adjustment mainly consists of several parts, spindles, bed set and so on, so as to meet the requirements of the lathe, improving the precision of CNC lathe, in the course of work to monitor and optimize the lathe deficiencies for timely adjustments to produce better products. This is improving Machining accuracy of NC lathe in the most simple and convenient way, this adjustment does not need good technology, but requires checking from time to time to adjust.
Second, in respect of mechanical and electrical debugging improvements to improve the machining precision parts mainly in reverse bias as well as positioning accuracy and repeatability to improve these aspects. At reverse biases when we were too large to amend by way of manipulators at first, then when the small error to within a certain distance and then further optimized in a professional way. In terms of position accuracy of adjustment through a microscope to optimize the error. Optimized electro-mechanical joint in these areas, is the most efficient way these adjustment method. Although complicated but better.
Third, this is through in electrical aspects for of adjustment, this aspects of adjustment main is including two a aspects, a is on machine parameter of adjustment, in this angle in the and has two a aspects is effect processing precision of is system gain and positioning died district, in system gain aspects we to concern lathe by mechanical damping of aspects also has turned of inertia, these are effect with lathe of processing aspects of precision. There is the orientation of minimizing dead zones, this can also increase the accuracy of the operation. These two aspects are complementary to and adjust. Another aspects is can through some system of application to for adjustment, due to now automation degree constantly of improve, NC lathe is in run process in the using has automatically to remote control, so we to in remote control Shi to into series of real-time monitoring of program, such on not need artificial of too much intervention, such can more effective of for regulatory, can through program to regulatory set control then can improve lathe processing Shi of precision.

2. adjust feed mechanism to improve Machining accuracy of NC lathe
First, caused by a ball screw pitch error of NC lathe Machining accuracy are affected, factors of influence in this regard is the pulse, so in the program in the manufacture of ball screw and try to reduce the error pulse effect on Machining accuracy of NC lathe.
Second, the feed mechanism clearance effect on Machining accuracy of NC lathe, an integral part of this is due to the transmission of mechanical problems caused in effect reducing the precision of control lathe. Main components are gears, shaft couplings, ball screw is also supporting shaft of. Problems that occur among these components affect the machining accuracy of NC machine tools, so we have to strengthen the connection between their structures. Will affect their precision machining accuracy, thereby reducing the gaps between the various structures, strengthen the tightness of structure will improve Machining accuracy of NC lathe.

3. the effect of errors that appear in the program
CNC lathes and lathe precision is part of the difference between different, but because the program is in the process of preparing error can be minimized, this requires us to reduce errors in several ways, so as to improve the accuracy of CNC lathe.
First, is the effect due to interpolation error caused to precision lathe. So try to use a certain way to reduce programming problems using absolutely programmed, and can eliminate the error is to use the Insert point of reference quality in programming in the program.
Second, for the final accuracy of the approximation error. Due to the process used in similar situations so that errors will occur. So try to know the programming profile equation will to a large extent reduce the error so that you can eliminate the effect of CNC lathe accuracy.
Third, due to the effects of rounding errors in the programming process reduces the machining accuracy of NC lathe, so we decided to select pulse equivalent when processing the linear displacement of the minimum value for reference. So programming must be strictly in accordance with the drawings above specifications as a reference work.