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Machining centers, vertical machining accuracy of workpiece

Mar 04, 2017

Any processing equipment, in artifacts processing Shi as processing route set, and processing program prepared, and processing tool select, and machine itself problem, and loaded clip problem and the artifacts material, has problem Shi, on artifacts eventually of processing precision and processing efficiency will caused must of effect, vertical processing center as high fine, and efficient of processing equipment, reduced artifacts processing errors common of method main has reduced original errors method, and errors compensation method, and errors transfer method, and errors Group method, and errors average method and the errors synthesis method,.
And error synthesis eliminated its own errors is to ensure the final machining of the workpiece accuracy most of the main method. Error synthesis requires the original error of the machine tool axis is measured. Laser Interferometer with high measurement accuracy, flexibility and other characteristics, is now vertical machining center the main detection equipment.
Second, error compensation method for error compensation method is artificially creating an error, to offset the original errors inherent to the system, or use a raw error to offset another original errors, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the precision of machining centers, vertical machining. Usually by reducing the machine clearance, improving stiffness, preload so that the combined with preload and clearance effect. Can also increase the stiffness of workpiece and tool reduces tooling, workpiece suspended stretch of to improve the rigidity of processing system. Can also use reasonable mode of loading and processing methods, reduced cutting forces and their changes, rational selection of cutting tool material, increase the rake and tool cutting edge angle, and proper heat treatment of the material to improve processing performance in several ways.
Three, directly reducing the original error refers to directly reduce the original error in the identification of factors affecting the machining precision of the original error, try to directly conducted for the elimination or reduction. After a long time, for example vertical machining center, due to transmission system position errors caused by natural wear, backlash, and so on.
Four, the error of the average error between the surface of the average method is closely tied to the use of comparison and mutual correction, or using the cross reference to the process in order to achieve the purpose of vertical machining centers to eliminate processing errors.
Five errors, error transfer method transfers the essence of the method is a collection of transfer process systems errors, mechanical deformation and thermal deformation caused by error. Hole processing vertical machining center, the concentricity of the workpiece does not depend on the spindle rotation accuracy guaranteed, but by the fixture to ensure, when floating spindle and workpiece connection, Machining accuracy of machine tool spindle error is no longer, and transferred to the fixture to ensure accuracy.
Six group, error in machining centers, vertical machining, due to the process of rough errors exist, resulting in the process of machining errors. Blank error changes, there are two main effects of the process of: response error and position error.
If the error is too great, cannot guarantee the accuracy, but also to increase stock accuracy or process on processing precision is not realistic. Error grouping can be used, namely process dimension error or blank sizes into n groups, each blank error is reduced to the 1/n, and then adjusted for each group tool positioning and adjustment of the relative position of the workpiece or component so that you can greatly narrow the range block size deviation of the workpiece. Error grouping the essence of the method is used to improve the measurement accuracy of the means to compensate for the lack of precision in order to eliminate the influence of processing error.