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Machining error of CNC machine tool and its causes

Mar 04, 2017

In order to improve the machining accuracy of NC machine tools, technicians must be the error in the NC machining process makes a detailed analysis to find out reasons of producing error and take appropriate measures in a timely manner, and reduce production losses. Here is a small series of finishing CNC lathes and high precision CNC machine tool processing errors can occur and cause:
Analysis of machining error of CNC machine tool and its causes
1, its error of NC machine tool machining error: System error; error of machine tool feed drive system
2, the processing error caused by manufacturing processes: processing arrangements are not reasonable; improper cutter cut out points
3, workpiece positioning error
4, unreasonable programming error
Second, high-precision CNC machine tool
1, high precision CNC lathe circular cone: before and after the top line is not axis with spindle axis, CNC lathe tailstock Center is not responsible.
2, numerical control machine tool turning workpiece vibration: probably the tailstock sleeve stretched out too long or the workpiece is too loose, or possibly turning tool is not sharp enough or bead is too large, or rotating Center bearing clearance of large or medium and small feeding carriage gap is too large.
3 beat, round do not meet requirements: front top has been different from the spindle axis axis or rotating Center of runout of bearing wear, workpiece Center holes are not clean or the center hole to touch hair, heart Central lever touch Chuck head end and make the center hole does not work
4, center hole of high precision CNC lathes heavy wear or biting hair: using fixed Center might not be oil or spindle speed is too high, or lathe dog is not clamped, has stopped turning workpieces caused by rotation.
Used CNC machining parts when the complexity of the sources of error, only grasp the principle of CNC machine tools, enhance operator knowledge to solve processing error of CNC machine tools, CNC machining precision, so as to produce the qualified products.