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Repair and maintenance of CNC machining center

Mar 04, 2017

A, NC system maintenance.

CNC processing center in the central parts, and maintenance of CNC system, the following points must be observed:

1, strict compliance with operating procedures and maintenance systems.

2, to prevent dust from dirt entering the numerical control device inside.

3, to prevent the system from overheating.

4, input/output devices, numerical control systems need to be cleaned regularly.

5, DC motor brushes should be inspected regularly and replaced.

6, periodically check and replace the storage battery.

Second, the maintenance of the mechanical parts:

1, the main drive chain maintenance.

2, ball screw thread maintenance.

3, tool storage and maintenance of tool change Manipulator.

Third, hydraulic and pneumatic system maintenance.

Regular lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic system filter or clean or replace the filters; oil hydraulic system test checks on a regular basis, add and replace the hydraulic oil, water pressure systems air filter water on a regular basis.

Four, accuracy of machine tool maintenance

Regular level of machine and mechanical precision checking and correction in order to safeguard the accuracy of CNC machining center has is good enough, and improving product quality.