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Soft fault of NC machine tool and its treatment method

Mar 04, 2017

Soft fault of NC machine tools can be divided into two categories:
First class parameter of machine tool NC system problems (sometimes due to improper settings, sometimes due to accidental parameter changes or chaos) caused, for this type of failure, as long as adjustment parameters, faults will disappear naturally.
Second type of soft faults generally are due to accidental causes of the NC system in a State of endless loop. For this type of problem usually taken forcibly reset restart recovery system.
In order to facilitate understanding, tongtai machine technology two examples to illustrate:
1, FANUC-OT system of numerical control lathe, freezing every time the CNC machine boot, no directive does not operate normally. Forced reset method after, after all system memory is cleared to zero, the system returned to normal, re-enter the parameters of machine tools and procedures, the normal use of machine tools. Tongtai machine analyses the fault is caused by the chaos machine parameters.
2, a CNC milling machine, Siemens CNC system, NC in a batch processing system display and alarm "LIMITSWITCH", this failure is because the y axis travel beyond the limits of software settings caused by checking program and no change. After careful observation of symptoms, when failure occurs, display the y-coordinate to determine software limit is reached, careful studies have found value entered is caused by larger, appropriate adjustment software limit setting, troubleshooting. Tongtai machine analysis of the fault is due to numerical control machine tools caused by improper software limit parameter settings.