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CNC machine tool apparatus and method of debugging

Mar 04, 2017

When shipped to a CNC machine tool factory and then, necessary after the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the exam, talent put into normal production. Magnetic level gauge of CNC machine tools installation, commissioning and acceptance is a major part of machine used pre.
CNC machine tool manufacturer after its production, once the machine was needed and identification, pass the identification of talent factory. On medium and large CNC machine tools, because the larger machine, not to facilitate transport, required identifying transport to the user after a crash after a new Assembly and commissioning, shall apply. On small machines, float level gauge not in the transport process to crash the machine, machine installation, commissioning and acceptance of the task is relatively simple. Machines shipped to user, simple wiring, adjusted and try cutting machine tools, will be officially put into use, the things you want to compare briefly. Introduce the following small CNC machine installation, commissioning and acceptance requirements.
A preliminary device CNC machine tools including:
1, depending on the requirements, select appropriate status displaying machine tools.
2, reading material of machine tools, to ensure that the precise use of CNC machine tools.
Two-wire interface
This part of the contents of the primary convergence is the total power of the machine, magnetic liquid level gauge the pace is very simple, but if you do this step is not good, will cause no trouble, and will produce serious consequences, present when the power connection to the following note:
1, the input power supply voltage and frequency recognition. Current voltage power supply as follows: III AC 380V single phase 220V. Domestic machine General is used three-phase 380V, frequency 50Hz power, and has part imports machine not used three set Exchange 380V, frequency 50Hz power, and these machine are itself has distribution has power transformer, user can according to requirements for response of select, next is reflection power electric will of upper and lower shake, glass tube liquid bit meter can fit machine of to qijiang machine near has incompetence effect power power electric of large shake, If voltage wavered or large equipment should be installed stable. because the power supply is not shaken, electrical interference, machine tools ' will affect the invariance.
2, power phase sequence, and when phase sequence after a mistake, have to make the control unit fuse, reflection phase sequence approach compared to a brief, measured with a phase sequence to the next, when the clockwise phase sequence tables reversed phase sequence is accurate, whereas phase sequence error, then just three phase u v w second power cord to swap.