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CNC Turning Parts Reasonable, Practical Processing Procedures

Aug 14, 2017

CNC machine tools as a highly efficient equipment, in order to give full play to its high performance, high precision and high automation features, in addition to the machine must grasp the performance, characteristics and methods of operation, CNC Turning Partsshould also be programmed before the detailed process analysis and determination Reasonable processing technology to get the best processing plan.

Process analysis is the preparation ofCNC Turning Parts. Process development is reasonable or not, the preparation of the program, the machine tool processing efficiency and precision machining parts have an important impact. In order to prepare a reasonable and practical processing procedures, require programmers not only to understand the working principle of CNC lathes, performance characteristics and structure. Master the programming language and programming format, but also master the workpiece processing technology to determine a reasonable amount of cutting, the correct selection of tools and workpiece clamping method. Therefore,CNC Turning Parts we should follow the general principle of the process and combined with the characteristics of CNC lathes, carefully and in detail the CNC turning process analysis. The main contents are as follows: According to the drawings, the processing requirements of the parts and their rationality are determined; the clamping method of the workpiece on the CNC lathe is determined; the processing sequence of each surface, the feeding route of the tool and the selection of the tool, fixture and cutting amount.

The analysis of the precision and technology of the machined parts is an important part of the process analysis of the parts. Only on the basis of analyzing the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the parts can the machining method, the clamping method, the cutting tool and the cutting amount Wait. The main contents include: analysis accuracy and technical requirements are complete, is reasonable; analysis of the process of CNC turning accuracy can meet the requirements of the drawings, if not, to allow other processing methods to make up,CNC Turning Parts should be to follow-up process There is a margin; the surface of the drawings with the accuracy of the surface requirements should be completed in a clamping; on the surface roughness requirements of the surface should be used constant line speed cutting (Note: in the turning end, Maximum speed).

In CNC turning, it is often encountered in the parts to be processed on a number of the same contour shape or repeated in the processing of the same knife route, this time, as long as the part of the preparation of subroutine, and then in the main program In the "M98" command can be used to call. This makes the program simple and clear, saving memory space. But the application of subroutine at least two program names (that is, the main program and subroutine each one). Some CNC system program only 64,CNC Turning Parts when the processing of more types of products, can only delete the original other procedures. In addition, in the implementation of subroutine process problems (such as collapse knife), and then re-commissioning is a very troublesome thing.