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General Secretary Xi Jinping's Concerns | Masks Can't Stop Your Beauty——A Glimpse Of The Battle Of The Epidemic

Mar 27, 2020

General Secretary Xi Jinping's Concerns | Masks Can't Stop Your Beauty——A Glimpse of the Battle of the Epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 8th. On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping extended his sincere condolences to the broad masses of women who fought on the front lines and fronts of the epidemic prevention and control, and to all ethnic groups in the country Women compatriots from all walks of life extend greetings to the holiday season.

Right now is the most strenuous stage in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Women from all walks of life are sticking to their posts and welcoming their own festivals with an aggressive attitude.

They are angels, warriors, and mothers and daughters. In the ward, in the community, and in the front line of production and life, although masks blocked their faces, their eyes revealed perseverance and warmth, condensed into a powerful "healing power", and supported more than "half the sky".

Fighting the epidemic, angels in the world

"I don't want everyone to take special care because of my female status. I am also a respiratory critical care doctor." Saying this, Li Shengqing didn't hesitate.

In the Guanggu District of Wuhan Tongji Hospital, a daily battle of life and death is staged. The ICU ward here is in charge of treating patients with critically recurrent coronary pneumonia. Li Shengqing, director of the respiratory department at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, is the leader of the "Assault Team".

It is the most urgent expectation of Li Shengqing and his team to predict the advancement of the barrier in time, curb multiple organ failure, and further reduce the mortality rate. "Do you know how exciting the data of zero deaths in the ward for several consecutive days is?" Li Shengqing said.

The ward is the battlefield. When they come, angels come.

Statistics show that more than 60% of frontline health care workers in Hubei are women. Heilongjiang sent eight batches of assistance to the Hubei medical team totaling 1,533, of which 1,098 were women; Beijing Chest Hospital supported 7 nurses of the Wuhan medical team, and 6 were women ...

At six in the morning, the alarm sounded and Xie Zerong started a day of fighting. Since arriving in Wuhan in early February, she has been fighting in the East Hospital of Wuhan University People's Hospital for more than a month.

Turn over the critically ill patient, check whether the patient's whole body skin is intact, and whether the micropump, ventilator, and ECG monitoring work effectively ... Although the work is trivial, as a nurse at West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Xie Zerong has been patient and meticulous.

Masks and goggles covered her face, and several patients recognized her from the name on the back of the protective suit, praising him: "Conscientiously, there is a standard for even making the bed."

Under the airtight protective clothing are wet clothes, under the fuzzy goggles are different degrees of skin wear and indentation ... the longer the working time and the greater the intensity of the work, they are still waiting day and night.

In 2003, he was treated for SARS patients, and he was diagnosed with human avian influenza in 2005 ... After nearly 40 years of medical treatment, Zhang Wei, the director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, rushed to the front again.

As the senior expert team leader of the Jiangxi Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command, she formed a multi-disciplinary expert team to keep an eye on the development trend of epidemics inside and outside the province, and constantly adjust and optimize the treatment plan.

On January 27, Jiangxi's first cured patient with new coronary pneumonia was discharged. On the morning of February 11, Jiangxi's first patient with severe new coronary pneumonia was cured and discharged ... With Zhang Wei leading the team, good news kept coming.

Heroes also have warmth. A quarantine hotel in Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is where Li Shuli, the doctor of Hasi Community Health Service Center, cares most. Disinfection without dead corners three times a day, and the temperature of the isolation personnel should be measured twice in the morning and evening.

On the fifteenth day of the first month, a bowl of steaming dumplings surprised the isolation staff. "A little warmer, a little less nervous and anxious." Li Shuli said.

Stick to the line of defense and support more than half the sky

"If we want to keep this city, we have to guard every door and optimistic about everyone in the community!" This is the declaration of a female soldier before the war.

Gao Wenjuan, 43, is the secretary of Lugouqiao Street Committee of Fengtai District, Beijing. The local resident population is 220,000, and the floating population is 73,000. Among them, there are many open-plan communities and old real estates with no real estate. The epidemic situation is exhausted, closed management, and epidemic prevention are sloppy.

Gao Wenjuan said that street communities are mostly female cadres. Some communities have more home isolation staff, and many houses do not have elevators. Hundreds of deliveries a day depend on community staff to run around. The little girl from the neighborhood committee climbed the stairs carrying tens of catties of rice, and carried the fruits and vegetables to the door of the isolated masses.

No matter how hard they are, they go all out.

In the early spring, Yanshou County in Heilongjiang Province was still cold and cold. The 10-kilometer-long river freezes, and people often walk through it. In order to keep the checkpoint, 42-year-old Jiang Yanxia became a volunteer at the river embankment, and the temporary tent became a "home" for rest.

The river embankment has strong winds, and the temperature is as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Standing on guard for nearly 10 hours a day, Jiang Yanxia's throat is husky, her lips are frozen and her legs become swollen. "It takes a little bit of light to get a little bit of heat. It's nothing to worry about." Jiang Yanxia said.

Late at night, the mask workshop in Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was brightly lit, and women workers were still stepping up to make masks.

53-year-old Feng Yazhen stepped on the sewing machine's pedals and used mask raw materials in her hands. On the first day of the first month of the first month, Feng Yazhen was in front of the sewing machine except for eating.

"Sisters are better than others, for fear of falling behind." Feng Yazhen said, there are 112 female workers like her, all hoping to do something for the front.

"Post-90s" Zhang Le is a passenger at Hunchun Station of Yanji Depot of China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. She and her boyfriend had planned to prepare for the wedding during the Spring Festival. When the epidemic happened, she canceled the holiday, as usual, security inspection, verification, ticket sales, guidance ...

Many travelers bring alcohol killers. Zhang Le persuaded that flammable and explosive materials were forbidden on the high-speed rail. Sometimes some passengers did not understand and even said something unpleasant. She still raised her mouth and explained with a smile.

Whenever a feverish passenger appeared in the car, Zhang Le always rushed ahead. "Dangerous things always have to be done, although not a doctor, my position is also the front line," she said.

An oath to join the party, they guarded with their lives.

Since the prevention and control of the epidemic, three female cadres Xu Hui, Huang Heyan, and Jiang Na have fought continuously, fulfilling their solemn promises on the front line of fighting the epidemic with their lives. Not long ago, the All-China Women's Federation conferred them the title of the National 38th Red Banner.

Optimistic, selfless, motivated, tenacious ... They are soldiers, their figures are active in every corner, and they have the same name as dedication.

Looking forward to spring, passing care and warmth

On the sixth day of the new year, in the isolation ward, Zhu Liping, a member of Shanxi Support Hubei Medical Team, received a special birthday gift. "The green grass is lush, and the white dew is vast. There is a beautiful woman on the water side." Her husband wrote a love poem with a brush.

Behind every battle and perseverance, there is a home that pays silently and waits for love to return.

On February 9, Han Lei, a nurse from Shanxi Taiyuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, went to Hubei. Along with her was a big bag for the hospital.

Electric heating cups, soap, sanitary napkins ... she said that this was the heaviest luggage she had ever carried. What I thought of and what I didn't expect were all packed into my bags by my colleagues, and even the usual serious dean gave a sachet of extermination.

"Look, you're making a lot of money" "You have to give us all back", listening to the "naughty" farewell, Han Lei's eyes were red.

Warm care should be given to those who convey warmth.

In order to reduce the number of wearing and removing protective clothing and ensure continuous working hours, many medical personnel have chosen to use safety pants. These physiological supplies have become a scarce supply.

After hearing the news, the women's committee of the Shanghai Women's Federation and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions issued a call for proposals, and many collectives and individuals called to ask. As of February 20, the Shanghai Women's Federation had donated 21,612 pieces of safety pants and 9,200 pieces of warm baby to first-line female medical staff.

China Railway Engineering Design Consulting Group Co., Ltd. proposes that each female employee donate 120 yuan per month for health expenses to purchase hygiene products for female medical staff of the Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Zhihong, who worked at Taiyuan Design Institute, immediately donated 1,000 yuan. She said: "As sisters, I know they are not easy. Taking care of them means taking care of yourself."

In Guangdong, UV disinfection dry boxes, hydrogel dressings, shoulder and neck massagers, steam eye masks, etc., practical gifts are thoughtful harvests for female medical staff;

In Jilin, the Provincial Women's Federation organized the distribution of caring vegetables to 1,192 families that assisted Hubei medical staff once a week for 6 consecutive weeks;

In Inner Mongolia, the local women's federation united the psychological service agency, organized volunteers for psychological counselors, opened a 12338 women's rights protection service hotline, and provided accurate services for female medical staff groups ...

You guard the line, we guard you. Bits of warm current continue to converge, and love and warmth continue to pass.

Facing the dawn of the victory of the "epidemic" and heading for another cherry blossom spring, their steps are elegant and firm. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Fengshuang Wang Chunyu Yang Siqi Participating reporters: Qiu Yi Meng Hanqi Wang Junlu Luo Xin Wei Wei Ma Xiaoyuan Lu Yiyi Min Zuntao Handsome talent Pan Ying Li Jian)