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International Machine Tool Consumption Is Expected To Pick Up The Chinese Market Is Recovering

Mar 04, 2017

International Machine Tool Consumption Is Expected To Pick Up The Chinese Ma

International machine tool consumption is expected to rise
By many negative effects of the global economy slowly. Global GDP, industrial output and capital investment in machine tool main user departments, as well as international machine tool consumption are difficult to pick up. Relevant statistics according to VDW 2015 global machine market amounted to 68.3 billion euros. VDW partner Oxford Economic Research predicted that 2016 will drop the total global market for machine tools 1.7%. Market performance with the best in Europe, southern Europe, Turkey, Spain and Italy to become the main driving force. In 2016, the British industrial sector; strong impact of exit. Consumption of machine tools is expected to decline by nearly one-third. Russia's industrial sector is far from achieving real recovery, the consumption of machine tools is expected to drop by one-fifth. Asian consumption, shrinking, only Japan and India on the rise. In 2016, the consumption of machine tools in the bottom is the Americas, mainly weighed down by the Brazilian market, even if Mexico's performance is good and not to be offset.
For this year's EMO, economic experts predict that the situation will improve, investment growth is expected 1.5%, machine tool consumption increased by 2.1%. Europe will return to the top, machine tool consumption up 4.1%. Italy and Spain in the South, and France continued to be the main driving force, which is Europe's third-largest machine tool market. In 2017, machine tool consumption in Asia and the United States will achieve different rate of growth, 1.7% and 0.9%, respectively, but at least it will reverse the downward trend.
Chinese market is recovering
In recent years, China's economy has been in a period of transformation. Oxford Economic Research predicted 2017 China's GDP growth rate would reach 6.2%. Meanwhile,; Thirteen-Five planning and greater emphasis on the quality of economic growth, but there is uncertainty. This is reflected in the major user industries on the level of capital investment in the machine tool, and this year is expected to grow only about 1%.
High quality production and investments in advanced production technology are closely related. In 2015, China's machine tool consumption nearly 22 billion euros to become the world's largest market. One-third of the China machine tool equipment required for imports, worth more than € 7.7 billion. China is the world's largest importer of machine tools, imported machine tool products, mainly from Japan; Germany ranked second, share more than one-fourth.
China is the world's largest producer of machine tools, in 2015, the manufactured products worth some 16.6 billion euros. In Germany of one of China's largest export market, for example, in 2015, Chinese manufacturers to export of machine tools and spare parts valued at € 136 million. More than 100 Chinese exhibitors have registered in the EMO2017 exhibition, and they want to demonstrate to the world's top international productions specialist machinery products, including tools, accessories, metering equipment, machining centres and lathes.
In order to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese products, and promote the modernization of the products, high-tech machines is necessary.; This is why Chinese manufacturers need to have a thorough knowledge about the production and operation of new solutions. VDW General Manager Dr Schaefer said. EMO2017 exhibitors including representatives from all the important suppliers of the industrial sector in China. Of machine tool manufacturers from more than 40 countries and regions, including over more than 400 manufacturers from Asia, will focus on the simple, durable, affordable technology to expensive high-tech production techniques and featuring independent machines and systems, as well as transmission lines and large machines, with a high degree of automation for the main highlights. 4.0 industrial and automation will be the theme.