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Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spikes

Aug 13, 2020

Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spikes

Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spikes

330mm/pc,  USD0.9 base

Products include:

Bird spikes base*14

Spikes*14 bundles(one bundle includes 20 spikes)

Mounting methods:

You can use screws/glue/double-sided tape to mount the bird spikes on the wooden/

concrete surface or plastic surface.


Pay attention to safety during assembly.

It is recommended that you wear gloves to install the product to avoid injury due to improper operation

When the spike is squeezed, it has a certain elasticity.

When it is installed, it must be firmly grasped to prevent the bird stab from popping out and hurting people.

Bird control spike should not be installed until the waste and debris is properly removed.